Website Audit Service

We provide actionable recommendations to improve rankings in search engines and fix technical SEO issues.

Website Conversion Optimization

Techniques to improve organic search rankings, grow website visibility, and to generate more leads and sales.

Technical Site

Resolve technical website issues such as broken links, missing metadata, page speed to improve performance.

Website Expenses

Find out how your company can lower website maintenance and hosting costs.

What Is a Website Audit?

Website performance is critical for brands that want to thrive in the crowded online marketplace.

Most companies invest thousands of dollars in their websites. Yet, most sites accumulate issues over time, and some have not been developed properly. As a result, businesses don't get the return on investment they should because their websites are slow, develop technical issues, or content becomes unorganized and disjointed. In some cases, a company's website may suffer from search engine penalties that go undetected for weeks or months.

All of these problems reduce the effectiveness of a brand's digital marketing strategy.

Our website audit service is a process designed to identify your site's on-page and off-page issues such as architecture, code, and user experience (UX). An audit also reveals opportunities to improve a website's content, load speed, security, and accessibility on various devices and browsers.

Through our process, you will discover strategies and design improvements to increase online visibility, organic traffic, conversions, and get a higher return on your website investment.

Our consultants are experts who rely on industry-standard web design and SEO best practices, innovative website audit tools, and real-world experience to provide you with a comprehensive website performance audit.

An Introduction to
Our Website Audit Service

Watch the video to learn more about how a comprehensive website audit can drive results for your brand.


Website Audit Process

Our complete audit report will provide you with an action plan for each of the following:

Website and SEO Audit Goals

The first step is to identify and prioritize website and SEO audit goals that align with your business objectives. With those in place, we are ready to get started on the audit.

Website Architecture Audit

Site architecture refers to the hierarchical structure of web pages created with internal linking. Our in-depth architecture audit ensures that all website information is easy for users to find information and that search engine crawlers can properly index web pages. This involves a review of navigation, link URLs, XML sitemap, and page depth.

SEO Audit Report

A review of your brand's existing SEO practices and search engine traffic levels are the basis of this report. This includes a detailed analysis of title tags and meta descriptions, backlinks, keyword analysis, a Google penalty identification audit, and other tactics to help your site rank better.

Website Traffic Analysis

We use tools like Google Analytics and heatmaps to analyze search traffic and trends in user behavior. Find out why visitors leave your website so you can reduce bounce rate, build website engagement, and improve its position in search.

Content Quality Audit

Quality of content affects a website's search visibility and how much time users spend on pages. Website content should be original, contain a specific number of links to references, and designed for the target audience. Our audit checks for content quality, duplicate content, similar or missing title tags and meta descriptions, and other content issues that could damage rankings on search engines.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis will reveal ways to improve messaging, product and service offers, and the overall user experience. Our analysis report shows you how to gain a competitive advantage online and grow organic traffic share.

User Experience and User Interface (UX and UI)

A review of website layout, images, and design appeal. Each one of our design recommendations will help you optimize for conversions.

Mobile Optimization

Search engines prioritize website performance on mobile devices. So, a review of your website includes responsive performance and load time for mobile devices.

Website Hosting and Security

We look for common security issues that put content management systems at risk for compromise. An audit includes a code review and checks for hosting quality and cost comparisons.

Website Audit Service

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Website Audit Services
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