Brand Audit

A comprehensive review of your organization's positioning, target market, customer service experience, and marketing plan.

A brand audit will optimize your business strategy.

A successful audit consists of much more than a review of your company's visual identity, target market, and competitor brands.

Our proven brand audit framework also includes an in-depth look at critical factors such as your business's product offerings, target customers, and marketing campaigns.

The result is a total assessment that will help you increase awareness, build customer loyalty, and implement marketing initiatives that grow revenue.

A brand audit includes a SWOT analysis.

Here's why the typical marketing strategy fails.

Most businesses take the same approach to marketing (as illustrated in the image).

But this marketing model creates significant problems, such as:

Inconsistency across marketing channels and platforms creates disjointed messaging that often confuses the target market.

The business invests resources in marketing but fails to create effective positioning. As a result, the brand's value proposition does not make an impact on the target audience.

Marketing efforts are not coordinated and do not align with the company's purpose or sales process.

Each marketing campaign is evaluated individually and not as part of an overarching growth strategy. This leads to a waste of marketing resources.

A brand audit resolves these problems...and more.

Why you should conduct a brand audit.

Strong brands are profitable brands.

Our brand audit process examines all components of your business and marketing strategy, inside and out.

This process involves a review of your company's:

  • Brand assets
  • Customer experience vs. how customers perceive your business
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Marketing Optimization

    Improve marketing efficiency by aligning company resources with effective growth strategies and tactics.

  • Sustain a Competitive Advantage

    Become more competitive by leveraging your company's strengths and compensating for weaknesses.

  • Increase Brand Equity

    Develop authority and higher perceived value for your products and services with a stronger unique selling proposition.

  • Efficient Processes

    Align in-house marketing, sales, and service teams which improves consistency throughout the customer experience.

  • Measurable Results

    A system for measuring indicators and metrics that increase conversion rate and enable brand leadership to set accurate projections.

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