Brand Audit Process

A proven brand audit framework that enables your company to develop an effective business strategy.

A comprehensive brand assessment

A successful brand audit requires more than a general review of a business's visual identity, mission statement, and target audience. A holistic brand assessment is the only way to gain the insights needed to overcome the obstacles your company faces in a saturated marketplace.

The Brand Auditors drives business transformation by partnering with clients to optimize the brand experience. Working together, you will be able to optimize your company's brand strategy and thrive in the digital environment.

Our brand audit methodology has been designed to help your company establish a strong competitive advantage, develop a better customer experience, and achieve its growth goals.

Benefits of a Brand Audit

How the brand audit process works

We conduct a brand audit over the course of three stages.

01. Discovery

We will work with your team to gather the critical information needed to conduct a brand audit. So, we begin with your company's internal branding (i.e., brand values and brand promise), external branding (i.e., visual identity and brand assets), target market, products and services, sales process, marketing initiatives, and more.

Sales data, website analytics, and customer feedback are examples of the data we collect during the discovery stage.

Estimated Timeframe = 2-3 weeks

02. Analysis

Next, we analyze your current brand positioning, target audience, and competitive landscape. This enables us to assess your brand's strengths and weaknesses, value proposition, and marketing campaigns. Through this analysis, we can establish a baseline for comparison between your organization and competitor brands. This tells us what actions we should implement to improve brand performance.

At our clients' request, we can also include an in-depth marketing plan audit. An analysis of target audience segments, buyer personas, websites, social media presence, and conversion rate on each marketing campaign are part of a marketing audit.

Estimated Timeframe = 4-6 weeks

03. Results

Once the audit is complete, your team will receive our comprehensive brand audit report. This report includes corrective strategies to help your business get on track for success. The final report will enable your company to develop a brand strategy that improves overall performance. Finally, your team will be able to identify and develop the most profitable target market segments, strengthen the customer service experience, and increase marketing ROI.

A brand audit will also help your organization build increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, maintain a competitive advantage, and optimize sales processes.

We will review the report within 30 days of delivery to answer all of your questions.

Timeframe = 30 days

04. Implementation (Optional)

Many companies want help implementing the recommendations found in the brand audit report. So, we also offer additional consulting to help your team get results. Consulting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brand positioning
  • Customer experience development
  • Defining target audience segments to reach new customers
  • Develop a messaging strategy across all marketing channels
  • User testing and sentiment analysis
  • Additional team training

Note that brand strategy consulting is an optional add-on service and not part of a standard brand audit.

Timeframe = Varies

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