What Is the Green Business Bureau?

The Green Business Bureau is an internationally recognized as the trusted authority in sustainability management. Read this post to learn more about the GBB.

June 27, 2023

What Is the Green Business Bureau


The Green Business Bureau (GBB) is internationally recognized as the trusted authority in sustainability management. The GBB offers valuable content and online tools to help companies prioritize, implement, and certify green initiatives.

Sustainability isn’t just about climate change—it’s about complete environmental performance. Research has shown that green business practices improve operational efficiency for companies worldwide. The GBB encourages companies to be transparent by reporting emissions, pollution, and progress on green initiatives and other sustainability practices.

But small and medium-sized businesses face challenges when they attempt to implement green initiatives. Budget restrictions often prevent them from hiring a sustainability expert to guide them. Implementing green initiatives also requires time, energy, and effort to keep customers and employees engaged in the brand’s commitments.

The GBB offers an online assessment and services to reduce the cost and complexity of managing sustainability initiatives. As examples, the GBB Ecoassessment™ and GBB Ecoplanner™ give small businesses a certification process and the online solutions they need. Resources like calculators, instance tracking solutions, and alert systems are available to members. As a result, it’s practical for them to reduce their carbon footprint and make progress toward other green accomplishments.

Driving Change with Business Sustainability

The GBB believes businesses have a responsibility to drive positive change. So, they give brands the means to track, measure, and certify green initiatives and sustainable programs. This encourages participation from everyone in an organization, including leadership, department managers, and frontline employees. Shared key performance indicators keep everyone up to date on the company's progress. These KPIs also enable members to hold each other accountable for taking action.

The Green Business Bureau provides members with an official seal, included with the EcoProfile™. The seal validates and promotes a company’s green commitment and accomplishments. This means more than simply earning a certification—members are recognized as green business leaders. This status can actually enhance the member’s brand.

Green Business Bureau Why Become a Member
IMAGE: Green Business Bureau: Become a Member

Member Benefits

Being a member of the Green Business Bureau shows a commitment to make an environmental impact.

But GBB membership comes with other benefits.

Member organizations gain the credibility, trust, and recognition that could only come with third-party sustainability certification.

Companies with the GBB’s certification bring more value to their customers. Being a member implies quality and assures consumers that all products and services meet a global standard of excellence. It also shows that the business accepts its environmental and social responsibility. As a result, GBB members are likely to attract customers who care about responsible sourcing and sustainable product development.

Consumers want brands to show their commitment to sustainability. In fact, 84 percent of consumers want to buy from purpose-driven businesses of all sizes with a green commitment.

Becoming a certified green business also helps brands differentiate in a crowded market. Companies with a certification demonstrate their dedication to making a positive environmental change. This gives them access to new markets worldwide. This enhances a brand’s reputation and increases consumer confidence while helping to protect essential resources for future generations.

Organizations with GBB Certification will benefit from increased visibility. Members get a listing on the GBB website along with thousands of other member brands.

The green business directory showcases a company’s brand. Members get to display the special seal on websites, marketing materials, or anywhere else that may benefit them. No matter what industry you’re in, having a recognizable sign of your commitment to greener business can set your brand apart.

Being a GBB member shows that your organization is serious about its pursuit of operational efficiency and green initiatives. Member companies are also more likely to retain employees and attract more qualified hiring candidates.

Green Certification

Companies recognize that sustainable business practices have environmental benefits that make a positive impact. These best practices also improve business operations, provide marketing advantages, and increase the bottom line.

Brands with a sustainability commitment that get GBB third-party certification can enjoy cost savings and increased revenue. The online green business certification program gives companies a sustainability framework they can use to implement initiatives.

A green certification can lead to opportunities through relationships with environmentally conscious vendors and suppliers whose goals align.


Click this link to learn more about the GBB’s green business certification program.

Industry-Specific Solutions

The GBB understands that every business sector has its own unique needs. So, the GBB site offers industry-specific modules and step-by-step guides to help each business type meet their goals. These planning tools range from renewable energy solutions to environmental education programs. They also help businesses develop sustainable practices suited to the specifics of their industry.

Many greening measures apply to every organization. Improving daily operations, reducing energy usage, lowering fuel consumption in vehicles, and responsible water use are examples. Businesses that take these measures could reduce operational costs and show their customers they take their green commitments seriously.

Marketing Opportunities

The GBB offers its members access to a range of unique marketing opportunities to drive sales and gain a competitive edge. Examples are email marketing campaigns, events, and special offers.

The GBB also provides ongoing support for members that wish to promote their green achievements. This includes regular updates to its channels with current trends in sustainable industry innovators, green business solutions, and relative news.


If you want to learn more about the GBB or become a member, please visit the Green Business Bureau’s website.

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