The Value of Expert Guidance: Why You Need Website Development Consulting

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March 28, 2023

Website Development Consulting


Are you in the process of building a new business website or renovating the one you have?

Do you want to find a website designer or developer who understands what your business needs and offers exceptional service—without breaking the bank?

If so, then you should consider website consulting services. An experienced development consultant can give you and your team confidence that your design project will be a success.

Website consultants have experience designing custom websites and know how to improve existing ones. They’re current on the latest trends in development and design strategy. Plus, they’re well-versed in digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, email campaigns, content strategies and more.

From ideation to launch—and beyond—working with an experienced website development consultant is a reliable way to ensure success, whether you’re launching a new business website or improving the one you have now.

In this post, we’ll explore web development consulting and how a professional can help your organization develop a powerful website that fuels business growth.

What Is Website Consulting?

Web consulting is a service for businesses who need help with their online presence. It involves helping brands create and maintain an effective website that will attract potential customers and help generate revenue.

For companies that want to improve their current website’s design, consultants work with the in-house marketing and development team to assess the current state of the brand’s site, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations for optimization (i.e., load speed and conversion rate). Services include ongoing support and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that all changes are implemented correctly.

If your brand is starting a new development project from scratch, a consultant can help you throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. As a result, you’ll end up with a final website design that meets your expectations.

Consultants must understand how each component affects a website’s overall performance. They should also be up to date on consumer and industry trends so they can offer insight into how to build a website tailored to your market sector and target audiences.

What Is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit helps organizations uncover strengths and weaknesses, improve target audience quality, become more competitive, and reduce marketing expenses.

Benefits Of Web Development Consulting Services

The web design industry is saturated with freelancers and agencies that offer a wide range of services. While it’s nice to have choices, the abundance of professional web design and development companies makes it difficult for businesses to find the contractor that is best suited to their situation.

In many cases, companies won’t know if they’ve hired the right development team until they’re well into the project. By that time, it’s too late. And switching developers during a project can be costly.

By working with a website consultant, businesses gain access to valuable insights they could not get on their own.

Best of all, a consultant helps reduce the stress many businesses experience during a design project. Web development is a technical skill that requires extensive knowledge. So, rather than having to rely solely on the designer or developer’s recommendations, you’ll have access to an expert who serves as an advocate for your brand.

Design consultants also provide support when it comes time to implement changes or new website strategies. They are available for consultation throughout every stage of the project and can assist with everything from setting up analytics tracking tools to create engaging content for target audiences. Ultimately, having an expert on your side provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on getting results.

Types Of Consulting Services

The range of consulting services offered by a firm, or agency, will vary. But it’s important to work with a consulting team that can deliver a complete digital transformation.

Every business is unique. The consultant you choose should provide customized solutions tailored to meet your business’s website goals.

In the sections that follow, we’ll explore several types of design consulting services that apply to most web development projects. Though your business may not need them all, most companies require a combination of a least a few or more.

The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation
IMAGE: The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation (SOURCE: Harvard Business Review)

Web Design and Development Services

First, it’s important to know the difference between website design and website development. Website design focuses on the visual aspects of creating a website, such as the site’s navigational path, responsive layout, and typography. Website development relates to using programming language, such as HTML and CSS, to make sure the site functions.

Designers often use tools like Photoshop or Sketch to create mockups and UI elements, while developers turn these designs into functioning code. The two roles are unique, but both are essential for producing a high-quality site.

Most web consultants have experience with both. This enables the consultant to bridge the gap by working with both designers and developers to ensure everything looks great while optimizing performance.

A consultant can also work with your team and designers to create logos, digital marketing strategies, and other materials that help your brand develop differentiation. Consultants start by discussing your goals and then develop a plan based on those objectives. From there, they will make recommendations for which tools to use tools to build the website.

Finally, after launching your site, a consultant will remain available to make sure it is maintained and remains secure.

Customization And Integration Services

Website projects may involve the development of online experiences tailored to the company’s unique needs. A web consultant can create recommendations to customize an existing website to create a truly unique online presence that stands out from the competition.

A consultant can assist with integrating third-party software, such as payment gateways for E-Commerce sites, calendar systems for booking appointments, forums for discussion boards, and customer relationship management solutions.

An innovative product line gives the website wider appeal among customers and niche markets, while having sound financial standing gives the brand an opportunity to invest in customer engagement campaigns.

Most businesses are aware of their strengths. But, in our experience, there are almost always positives that have been overlooked. So, don’t assume you know what your brand does well—explore your values, messaging, products, and marketing to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Maintenance And Support Services

Maintenance and support services are an essential part of website consulting. The best hosting service for your website will depend on various factors, such as budget and size of your site.

For example, shared hosting might be enough for smaller websites. However, you might need a VPS or dedicated server to handle larger sites. Some hosting providers offer packages with SSL certificates and other security measures that are essential for a secure site.

When considering maintenance services, availability of support, regular updates, and scheduled backups are imperative. Some providers offer 24-hour support (year-round), while others only have daytime techs available. You should also know the cancellation policy in case you change providers down the road.

Ultimately, a web development consultant can help you pick the perfect combination of maintenance and hosting services that align with your needs and budget.

Conversion Optimization Consulting

Consulting services for emerging or established companies that want to increase ROI on their digital marketing plan.

E-Commerce Solutions

Choosing the right E-Commerce solutions for your website is a crucial step in the development process. After all, the commerce backbone of your digital presence will drive sales, customer loyalty, and overall success. With that in mind, many web developers get overwhelmed at how to proceed.

Here are some ways a website consultant can help you choose the right E-Commerce solutions:

1. Research different platforms to find out which one meets your needs best. Every platform comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, so you must understand the pros and cons before making any commitments.

2. Scalability. Each platform has a unique ability to be scalable and fit into future website additions or expansion.

3. Make sure the platform fits with existing software or applications you may already use. You don’t want to spend money to add technology when you could choose a platform that seamlessly integrates with other software or applications you already use.

4. Cost considerations. You must be able to account for long-term costs (subscriptions) and short-term costs (setup fees).

A web development consultant can provide sound advice based on actual life experience when necessary.

Online Marketing Strategies

A website development consultant can help your business integrate its website into an overall online marketing strategy. They can provide valuable insights that enable your business to tailor its web presence for maximum impact.

For example, most consultants have experience in planning and executing digital campaigns that convert traffic into leads, sales, and customers. They can work closely with you to analyze customer data and create targeted messaging for different audience segments. This means customers will receive personalized messages that lead to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased loyalty.

Online marketing strategies also include content creation, social media campaigns, email marketing, and even public relations. By understanding what works best in today’s online market, consultants can help businesses create effective digital marketing plans.

Sales Funnel Example
IMAGE: Digital Sales Funnel

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An SEO strategy is essential for any online brand. While many companies view web design and SEO as separate processes, they actually go hand-in-hand.

When you work with a website development consultant who understands SEO, they will share insights into what keywords to use to target your desired customers. They can also help tweak and refine the existing content on your site so that it’s more search engine friendly.

Your consultant can also advise on how to structure pages for maximum visibility, as well as add metadata optimized for organic traffic. This process will take some time, but the rewards can be amazing, including free targeted traffic from search engines like Google.

A professional website development consultant could also analyze how users interact with your site, evaluate which pages get the most views or clicks, and identify areas where your content isn’t working as effectively.

Over time, this analysis leads to a better understanding of how to build campaigns around user behavior, such as browsing paths and geolocation mapping technologies.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Website consultants offer the expertise your company needs to create positive digital experiences. A consultant can help your team build targeted campaigns with digital touchpoints that enhance the buyer’s journey. This process is critical when developing ad campaigns, especially those that lead users to your landing page or website.

Consultants also use split testing techniques to measure campaign performance by tracking metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates, or custom conversion goals.

Website Analytics and Reporting

Website analytics reveal how people are interacting with a business’s online presence. Web development consultants use website analytics and reporting to identify new opportunities for customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and to increase sales.

Analytics provide website consultants with the data needed to decide which areas need improvement and how elements in a website should be adjusted for better results. For example, analytics can help tell a consultant which pages have the most views and conversion rates. Using that information, they can begin making adjustments that have a real impact on viewer behavior.

By monitoring website analytics and providing periodic reports, consultants can help businesses understand what works well and what does not, allowing them to make informed decisions about changes or ongoing maintenance needs. This type of data-driven approach ensures that websites stay optimized for both customer engagement and revenue growth.

Security Practices

Having a well-secured website is a must for companies, regardless of industry or size. There are many risks associated with web applications, such as data breaches and malicious attacks. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your website is properly secured if you want to protect it from these threats.

An experienced consultant can work with you to review the website security practices already in place. They can then identify any potential gaps or weaknesses that might leave your site vulnerable and how to fix them. This could include implementing authentication protocols, encrypting sensitive data, and using proper malware protection solutions.

Not only will these steps improve the security of your site, but they will also increase customer confidence in the services you provide—assuring them you are serious about protecting their information.

Cost Considerations

Web development consulting fees vary from one consultant to another and will depend on the scope of the project.

When researching potential services, it’s essential to get an understanding of what is included in their fees. Be sure to ask questions about any additional costs that could arise as well as how fees are billed.

When discussing pricing with a website consultant, establish a clear time frame for the project. Many providers may have different hourly rates based on the expected hours required to complete your project successfully. Knowing this information upfront can help you determine if hiring a website consultant is within your budget and how much to allocate for consulting services in the project budget.


Developing a website for your business is a critical step to ensure your success online. Though it's difficult to know which direction to take, a website development consultant can help you make sure your design project aligns with your business goals.

If you would like more information on how the web design consultants from The Brand Auditors can help you and your team, email me personally at [email protected].

Until next time,


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Chris Fulmer

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