How Much Does a Brand Audit Cost?

Our guide on brand audit fees tells you everything you need to know, including the factors that determine pricing. In under 2 minutes.


July 3, 2024

Brand Audit Cost

This post will answer one question:

How much does a brand audit cost?

However, as a bonus, I’ll also explain the various factors that influence fees and give a few examples.

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    Four factors that influence pricing

    Typically, the number of markets or sectors that require research and analysis has the greatest impact on potential costs. However, there are generally four areas that affect fees.

    Audit preparation

    The first step is to make sure your brand management team has all the information needed for the audit and that it’s readily available. The fee will be much higher if you need the auditor to help you gather data and prepare. Before the engagement, ask the auditor if the fee covers any preparation and the associated costs.

    We recommend clients do as much as possible before bringing us into the process. This will keep fees lower, reduce the number of people involved in the process, and shorten the timeline for completing the audit.

    If you aren’t sure what information you need, ask the auditor to provide a list.

    The information and data must be accurate for the audit results to be reliable. Clients must verify that the auditor uses up-to-date data. This step reduces delays or unnecessary interruptions when inaccurate data has to be replaced.

    Information needed for an audit comes from various sources, such as sales data, SEO audit reports, customer surveys, or Google Analytics. These sources often give the auditor enough information to conduct the audit.

    Scope of the audit

    The brand audit cost can vary based on the scope. For example, a basic SWOT assessment is less than a comprehensive audit. Costs increase when assessing branding elements, sales data, social media presence, and digital marketing strategies.

    The brand audit process can cover several areas of business operations, such as:

    • Brand strategy and its alignment with business goals
    • Brand elements (i.e., internal branding, visual identity)
    • Sales process and customer service
    • Product development
    • Market positioning and competitive advantage analysis
    • Marketing materials and content marketing

    We suggest discussing your goals with the auditor before deciding what areas to include.

    The Power of a Perception Study

    Get inside the minds of your audience to discover their true feelings with a perception study and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

    Target market research

    The brand audit firm sometimes must conduct market research or target audience analysis.

    Sentiment analysis is a crucial step where a company looks closely at the group of customers it aims to reach. This analysis involves understanding who these customers are and their feelings toward the client's organization. If customer sentiment is negative, the company must make adjustments.

    Researching more target markets and sectors increases the cost of a brand audit. If a business focuses on multiple target markets or sectors, each with unique characteristics and preferences, the audit becomes more complex.

    This complexity arises because each market or sector requires a separate, detailed investigation to understand its specific needs and behaviors. The more diverse the markets, the more time and resources are required to gather and analyze data. Research might involve surveys, focus groups, and market trend analysis, all of which add to the cost.

    Target audience analysis and market research are time-consuming, often comprising over 50 percent of the brand audit cost.

    Post-audit consulting

    Post-audit consulting can be invaluable. The auditor can work with clients to review the final report and develop a plan of action. This means businesses can use the strategist’s insight and knowledge throughout the process. Brand strategy consulting helps business executives and other stakeholders who need help implementing complex audit recommendations. A consultant can also assist companies in interpreting the audit report, setting goals, and getting the highest ROI possible.

    Auditors rarely include consulting fees in the original scope. We recommend asking the firm whether they have included them.

    Post-audit consulting can serve as an ongoing support system. As businesses implement changes, they may encounter unforeseen challenges or need further clarification. This continuous engagement can lead to better decision-making and more effective integration of the audit’s findings into the company’s operations and culture.

    A consultant’s involvement can also aid in tracking progress and measuring the impact of implemented changes. They can help set benchmarks and key performance indicators, providing businesses with a clear understanding of how the changes are affecting their brand’s bottom line. This measurement is critical for justifying the investment in the audit and consulting services.

    Brand audit cost factors
    Brand audit cost factors

    Free audits performed by branding and marketing agencies

    If you are thinking of hiring a branding or marketing agency to perform an audit, there are a few things to consider.

    Branding and marketing agencies often use audits to sell their services. An agency will usually offer complimentary or low-priced assessments. They do this hoping to land full-scale projects such as web design, brand identity design, SEO services, or ad campaign management.

    Although these audits offer some value, agencies often deliver results requiring additional work involving their specialized services. For instance, a free SEO audit might suggest correcting specific issues identified in the final report. Subsequently, the agency may offer SEO optimization services for a fee with the report.

    We recommend hiring a neutral third-party auditor to get an unbiased and accurate view.

    How much does a brand audit cost?

    The average brand audit cost for a small business ranges from $7,500 to $10,000. An audit starts at around $15,000 for larger businesses with intricate situations. Complex audits may range from $20,000 to $30,000 or more. Again, the project scope dictates the fee.

    Keep in mind that auditors can accommodate companies with unique circumstances. Audits for startups are typically less detailed than those for established companies.

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