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Chris Fulmer

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Brand Strategy
Business Development
Digital Marketing
Web Development
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization


  • Brand strategist and marketing consultant with over two decades of experience with marketing strategy and execution for agencies, small businesses, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Currently consults with several business clients including small businesses, enterprises, and marketing agencies to develop and manage brand strategy, web development, graphic design, digital marketing campaigns, analytics, and content.


Chris Fulmer is a professional brand development manager who has created business development strategies and marketing plans based on consumer research, target audience analysis, and business revenue and growth goals. He has also managed and developed business landing pages and websites, from ideation to launch.

Chris also provides expert insights on branding, media channels, and other essential information required for marketing success. This includes market research, analytics analysis, and web design best practices.


Chris has a B.A. from the University of South Carolina. He received his brand management certification from Cornell University. He has also completed certifications in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO.

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How Much Does a Brand Audit Cost? [4 Pricing Factors Revealed]

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Website SWOT Analysis: How to Gain an Advantage Online

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Custom Business Intelligence Consulting Services

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What Is a Premium Brand? [Definition and Difference]

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How to Do a Brand Audit [A Guide for Internal Audits]

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Mastering the B2B Marketing Audit: A Step-by-Step Guide

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What Is the Green Business Bureau

What Is the Green Business Bureau?

The Green Business Bureau is an internationally recognized as the trusted authority in sustainability management. Read this post to learn more about the GBB.
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Pricing Strategies

9 Proven Pricing Strategies That Can Maximize Growth

Take the guesswork out of pricing your products and services. Get expert insights to help you choose the right pricing strategy for your business.
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What is a brand audit

What Is a Brand Audit? [And When to Conduct One]

Want your brand to stand out? Analyze your brand's position in the marketplace with a comprehensive brand audit. Read this guide to learn more.
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Difference between the brand experience and the customer experience

The Difference Between Brand and Customer Experience

Successful companies know the difference between the brand and customer experience. Read this to find out how you can use both to increase customer loyalty.
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How to Calculate Conversion Rate [Formula Included]

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Audience Segmentation Models

Customer Segmentation Models: Build a Better Strategy

Customer segmentation models help businesses understand the problems and desires of their audiences so they can connect with more potential buyers.
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How to Conduct a Sales Audit to Increase Efficiency

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How to Use a Perception Study to Research Your Market 

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How to Position a Brand and Gain Market Share in 2023

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How Do I Improve PPC Conversions on Google Ads?

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Essential Key Performance Indicators for Marketing

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