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We are your brand management and marketing advocates.

Businesses invest thousands of dollars in a digital strategy to outperform the competition and drive growth.

But many times, they don't get results.


There are three primary causes:

There is an overwhelming amount of brand development and digital marketing information on the Internet. Much of it is confusing, misleading, and inaccurate. So, many companies are not sure how to build an effective brand strategy.

Brand strategy consultants and digital marketing professionals have varying levels of skill. Yet, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the client to accurately evaluate the capabilities of marketing professionals and agencies. As a result, the marketing strategies and branding services delivered do not meet the client's expectations.

Many organizations lack the resources or creative team to implement successful branding solutions and marketing campaigns. Others simply do not have the time or deep expertise required to develop a brand strategy that will drive growth.

We help businesses of all types overcome these challenges with a brand audit and brand consulting services.

Who Are We?

All of our team members are current brand consultants and marketing professionals experienced in brand development, content strategy, web design, advertising, and analytics.

After working for many years in the brand consulting and marketing industry, we realized that most clients lacked the objective insights they needed to develop a cohesive brand, optimize marketing strategies, increase sales, and save money.

So, we founded The Brand Auditors to help companies like yours make smarter marketing decisions and achieve business success.

What makes us unique?

Our representatives serve as third-party auditors. That means our success is tied to yours.

We focus on your company's best interests during the entire brand audit process. This positions us on your side of the desk as a true brand advocate. As a result, we are able to deliver customized strategic recommendations that will get results.

But that's not all.

After your brand audit has been completed, you have the option of additional brand consulting services. This enables your organization to leverage our deep expertise throughout the implementation phase.


We are not a branding or digital marketing agency. We are a neutral, third-party auditor that partners with your team to review and improve your brand positioning and marketing strategies.


No surprises and no hidden fees. All of our insights and strategic recommendations are based on the most accurate research from trustworthy sources. Plus, we create a scope of work and timeline tailored to fit your audit requirements while staying on budget.


We use a 360-degree brand audit process. This proven approach ensures that each component of your brand positioning and marketing communications strategy are working together to support your company's short- and long-term business success.


Chris Fulmer-Brand Auditors

Chris Fulmer

Kevin Blumer-Brand Auditors

Kevin Blumer


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